Our Vision

The Tucson Church of Christ was founded in September of 2012 by a team of 22 visionary team members determined to bring the Gospel to Tucson and surrounding area.  From that beginning the church has grown to around 150 people meeting every Sunday.  
Our vision is to bring real Christianity to Tucson.  That vision is embodied in our motto:  "Having fun loving God and making disciples."  We believe loving God and making disciples is our primary purpose and that when we are doing those two things, there is a deep satisfaction or "fun" that arises from being close to God and people.
We want to be true Christians, not simply spectators.  We want to feel and live close to God, not simply pretend.  If you are unsatisfied with religious talk and want to really follow Jesus as a disciple 24/7, please come visit our church.
Rob Skinner