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More Questions

Do you think you are the only Christians?

No.  We believe that all who have heard, believed, repented, confessed and been baptized as disciples are saved. Unfortunately, many people in today's culture have not heard a complete explanation of how to become a true Christian in spite of the fact that they may have attended another church.  That is why we go through a foundational study series with every person to make sure they have a strong foundation and are truly saved.  We have current members who were converted biblically in other churches and simply placed membership.

Do you expect members to tithe?

Yes.  The Bible clearly teaches that 10% of everything a believer earns belongs to God (Leviticus 27:30-32).  It is the least we can do in response to God's giving his life for ours.  However, not every member currently gives 10% of their earnings.  That is a goal that every member is called to in their relationship with God.

Are you a part of the International Churches of Christ (ICOC)?

Yes and we are proud of our affiliation and family of churches' efforts to take the gospel around the world.  We will continue to make changes to please God and be more effective "fishers of men."